Alternator Repair in Santa Clarita

Alternator Repair

Your car’s alternator is an imperative part that tag teams with your battery. It recharges the battery, replenishing any possible lost power. There are times when you may think you have a dead battery when it could quite possibly be a dis-functioning alternator instead. Come into The Transmission Man’s full auto service shop to repair your alternator to get yourself back on the road.

How we inspect your alternator:

  • Inspection of drive belts
  • Inspection of entire charging system
  • Testing of alternator output
  • Removing and replacement of alternator to define faulty area
  • Retesting of alternator output

The most common symptoms of a dead alternator are almost the same as a dead battery:

  • Engine will not turn over will slowly when key is turned
  • Horn sounds a bit weaker than normal
  • Dim headlights
  • But with the exception of your battery simply not holding a charge

Keep your car inspected and healthy at least once every year to keep your battery and alternator clean and living a long happy life. If you feel like any of these faulty alternator symptoms are effecting your car, feel free to reach out to us for an estimate…