Car AC Repair

Car AC Repair and Maintenance

Believe it or not, it gets hot out here. Proper heating and cooling performance is critical for interior comfort. So you want your air conditioning system to work when you need it most. This seems even more important when it is 110 degrees outside and you are in traffic on the 5. Come get a car ac repair at The Transmission Man right away when you are having any trouble.

Some Signs Your Air Conditioning May Need Serviced

  • Vents are blowing air slightly cooler than outside air
  • Damp musty smell to the blowing air out of vents
  • Defroster takes longer than normal when turned on
  • A/C only works while car is driving and not while idling
  • Very low airflow at the highest setting

A thorough inspection of your car’s AC system should be performed annually.

Our service technicians check pressures to test operation, refrigerant charge and outlet temperatures. If the system is found to be low on refrigerant, a leak test is performed to find the source of the leak.

Refrigerant may be added if necessary to “top off” the system. The technicians at The Transmission Man also check for evidence of refrigerant cross-contamination, which is the mixing of refrigerants. Our technicians also include a check of the compressor’s drive belt and tension.