Transmission Repair Services in the Santa Clarita Area

Transmission issues can happen to every single car make or model and are surprise every single time. The trick is hiring a transmission shop that has over 30 years experience and at an affordable price.

What are some symptoms of transmission trouble?

  • Slipping gears while driving or shifting causing delays between the time accelerated and when the gear connects
  • Burning smell with a stuttering while accelerating
  • Leaks between the wheels
  • Shaking while shifting
  • Grinding while changing gears

Why am I getting these transmission issues?

The transmission is an extremely complex piece of your vehicle with over 900 parts. It takes seasoned experts like us to diagnose and fix these issues:

  • Failure of seals and gaskets in the transmission followed by leaking of fluids from within
  • Lack of lubricating fluid to prevent metal corrosion
  • Metal fatigue in the transmission pan
  • Failure of fasteners
  • Punctured transmission fluid lines
  • Failure of the transmission solenoid, which controls the flow of fluid through the transmission

Seeing the Service Required Light

More updated vehicles have the use of on-board computer systems that can fire once a transmission issue ensues. There are times these cars can simply have an issue with one of these sensors. In the case of this issue, we run a full car diagnostic test just to make sure.