Shocks and Struts

shocks and struts

Shocks and Struts Maintenance

It’s pretty obvious that keeping your car balanced and riding smoothly is pretty important to your day-to-day commute. Your shocks and struts requires inspection and maintenance to keep all those tires on the road. Driving around town with blown shocks and struts can be extremely hazardous to your safety. It’s a good thing you have us to help you out.

How Might I Know I May Need Shock and Strut Replacement?

  • Your car’s tires are wore unevenly
  • Broken or corroded bushings or mounts
  • Physical shocks and struts shows visual damage
  • Fluid leakage

The bottom line is that these components provide a much safer and smoother ride for you and your passengers. As ASE certified, our technicians provide you with excellent preventative, alongside replacement of shocks and struts. Our experts highly recommend a replacement of these components at 50,000 miles to keep your automobile healthy.

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